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The Ted Raimi Community

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Dearest Friends,

Are you going to join? Huh? Are you?! We sure hope so! Before you do, though, please take a look below and make sure you can follow these (very basic) guidelines!

x Please feel free to submit your Ted-related artwork (icons, wallpapers, banners, portraits and the like) to the community. We do ask that if you have lots of icons to share/large wallpapers to place them under LJ-cuts for bandwidth's sake. If you don't know how to make LJ-cuts, simply do the following:

< lj-cut > Yesterday, I saw Skinner, and... < /lj-cut >

Just remove the spaces between the brackets. Also see the LiveJournal FAQ if you have more questions.

x Since this community primarily was founded to discuss Ted's past, present and future projects, we do not accept fan fiction of any sort, as there are plenty of communities that are Ted-character related that do accept fan fiction/are fan fiction based.

x For the spoiler-phobics among us, please place specifics about plot-lines of movies, etc., behind LJ-cuts as well.

x Finally, please respect your fellow Ted Fan! Deliberately trolling, harassing another community member and/or spamming is not appreciated and will lead to being banned from the community (which we don't want to do!). We want to keep this a fun and groovy community where everybody is welcome!

x If you have any questions, concerns or something to report about the community, please feel free to email Brit or Sandy.

Happy Posting,
Your friendly neighborhood mods.